Do you photograph parties or other special events?

Definitely! It doesn't have to be a wedding to be a great time.

Our event is outside of Nashville, will you travel?

Of course!  I will travel up to 50 miles for free for any event 2 hours or less. More information on travel and other options on my Photography Packages page.

How do I get prints of my event?

I will upload all of your photos here, where you can order directly from (though ordering from me is NOT required). Photos can be downloaded (for free) directly to your computer, or you can order prints directly from my site. Photo DVD's of your event are available upon request.

Do I have to pay extra for re-touching?

Not at all. Every photo is adjusted for tone & balance. Also, we will remove any visible blemishes, stains, etc., from your event guests.

How long does it take to get my photos back?

The total time will depend on the size of your event, and therefore how many photos were taken. During extremely busy times (especially around holidays), it may take a bit longer, but I’ll let you know that beforehand. If you're under a deadline for publication, just communicate with me and I'll make sure to have them ready in time.

How many pictures do you usually take?

This varies depending on the size and length of your event. I have no minimum or maximum number of photos.

Can you recommend event locations and vendors?

Absolutely. Let me know what you're looking for and I’ll make some suggestions. I’m most familiar with the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area, but have some other suggestions as well.

Do you ever photograph more than one event per day?

Not often, but it's possible as long as scheduling allows. I will never book an event if I already have a wedding booked the same day. Otherwise, I can often accommodate more than one event, time permitting.

What if someone spills something on your camera and it stops working?

No worries. I carry an extra camera, battery & memory cards.  I’ll keep rolling along.

When do you arrive to the event?

That depends on where the event is, and what time of day. I'm paranoid about being late, so if I've never been somewhere before, I generally arrive quite early. In general, I aim to arrive 15-30 minutes before your actual event time, so that I can have time to unload my gear, scope out the venue and be ready to go when things start.

If my event goes longer than planned, can you stay?

Possibly. If I have another booking following your event, I likely cannot stay. If not, I'll do what I can to stay for the remainder of your event. Hourly event rates apply.

What is the cost per hour?

My hourly rate is $150 per hour, with a minimum of two hours. If you have an all-day event, it may be more cost effective to hire me at my day rate, of $1200.

Ok, so how do I book you?

First, check with me to ensure that your date is available. Next, we’ll set up a meeting and I will answer any questions at all that you may have. I will provide you with a contract for you to read over at your convenience. A $200 deposit is required (along with your contract) to secure the date. If there are any additional charges (hourly, travel, etc.), an invoice will be provided to you and the remaining payment is due by the end of your event. Photos will not be released without full payment.