Do you do head shots or corporate work?

No, sorry, not at this time. Between weddings, engagements and other sessions, I don’t currently have time to do head shots or corporate photography. However, I will be happy to refer you to someone.

Do you do Infant and Children’s photography?

Sorry, not at this time. I am happy to incorporate your children into an Engagement or Maternity photography session, but I don’t currently do general children’s photography. Again, I’m happy to provide referrals.

Do you have a studio where you take photos?

I generally shoot on location, unless an indoor shot is 100% necessary. For engagement pictures or otherwise, I would far prefer that your pictures be taken somewhere that is special to you and your fiancé, instead of a generic studio. Let’s find somewhere fun and get creative!

How many pictures do you usually take?

This varies on what type of photography session we are doing. I don’t ever really have a set number. We’ll shoot until we both feel like we got the desired shots and angles that you wanted.

What is a Boudoir session?

Boudoir photos are super-sexy bedroom style photos. Most Boudoir sessions are done in a hotel room or in your own home with soft-lighting. Though they are incredibly sexy, they are not vulgar at all. Boudoir photos make an excellent gift to your fiancé or husband. You can wear lingerie, his favorite t-shirt, a satin sheet, or whatever makes you feel beautiful. Many Brides like to have Boudoir photos taken as a wedding gift, or even an Anniversary gift. Boudoir photo sessions are for ALL sizes and shapes... you do not need to be a lingerie model to look absolutely stunning.

My photo need doesn't fall under any of the usual FAQ's. Can you do it?

Well, maybe. Shoot me an email and explain what you're looking for. If it's a photo need that I have no experience in, I can likely point you in the direction of someone that can do what you need.