How do I get prints of my wedding?

I will upload all of your photos to my website, where you can order directly from (though ordering from me is NOT required). I will also provide you with a high-resolution photo DVD so you can take them to any photo lab to be printed. There is no charge for this at all, and you own the print rights to your photos. No need to spend a fortune to share your wedding photos with your friends & family.

Do I have to pay extra for re-touching?

Not at all. Every photo is adjusted for tone & balance. Also, we will remove any visible blemishes, stains, etc., from your wedding party and guests. I’ll also make some photos black & white, or do some specialized effects to some special photos as well.

How long does it take to get my wedding photos back?

I always try post an online ‘sneak peek’ of highlights within 72 hours after your wedding day, so that friends and family can get an immediate glimpse of your wedding. During extremely busy times (especially around holidays), it may take a bit longer, but I’ll let you know that beforehand. From there, I will begin detailed retouching of your photos. The total time will depend on the size of your wedding, and therefore how many photos were taken. I can generally have all of your photos retouched within a couple of weeks, so you can share them with your friends and family quickly.

How many pictures do you usually take?

This varies depending on the size of your wedding party & guest list, as well as the length of your wedding and reception. On average, the number ranges from 500-1500 photos per wedding. You won’t miss a thing.

What’s the best time for a wedding ceremony?

The best times depend on a number of factors which we discuss in our initial consultation. If you're planning a sunset wedding, ensure the ceremony finishes at (or just before) sunset as there will be little light to take pictures after the sun drops below the horizon. If you have small children participating in your ceremony, scheduling nap times will figure greatly in your planning. When we meet, we'll talk over the various factors that are relevant to your wedding day.

Will you travel outside of Nashville?

Absolutely. I will travel up to 100 miles for free. If your wedding is further away, ask me for details.

Can you recommend wedding locations and vendors?

Absolutely. Tell me about the dream wedding you envision, and I’ll make some suggestions. I’m most familiar with the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area, but have some other suggestions as well.

Do you ever photograph more than one wedding a day?

No, not at all, in fact, I won't even photograph more than one in a single week. Weddings are long and exhausting days, and you deserve better than a sleepy photographer. All of my energy that day will be devoted to you.

I have an awkward family situation that may make the photos difficult. How do you handle this?

I promise you aren’t alone. In almost every family (mine included) there is some situation, and some are more difficult to deal with than others. It is absolutely ok, and more than likely, I’ve encountered it before. The most important thing is what you are comfortable with. I’m happy to talk about the situation with you and help you to figure out what the best possible solution is to get the wedding photos you want, while keeping any potential awkwardness to an absolute minimum.

What if someone spills something on your camera and it stops working?

No worries. I carry an extra camera, battery & memory cards.  I’ll keep rolling along.

When do you arrive to the ceremony site?

I generally arrive when you arrive (if not before). I will be there to document every moment of your special day. If you are getting ready somewhere other than the ceremony location, I'll go wherever you are.

If my reception goes longer than planned, do you charge extra?

Not at all. I charge a simple flat rate based on the package you choose. No extra charges. Anywhere.

Ok, so how much is all of this going to cost me?

As important as photography is to your wedding day, you shouldn’t have to take out a loan to pay for it. I have a handful of different packages, but the most common package chosen is the Wedding & Reception photo package, which is a simple flat rate of $1,200 for an entire day (and night) of wedding and reception photography. If you would like to have a two photographers, that is also available.

If you need Engagement or Rehearsal Dinner photos, those photo packages are available on my pricing page.

What is the advantage of having a second photographer? Do I need one?

There are a few advantages, but it is completely up to you if you need one or both of us. First, with two photographers,  you'll obviously end up with more total photos. If you are having a very large wedding or reception, two photographers is ideal to get maximum coverage. Also, if your wedding is early in the day, there may be limited time to do wedding party and family photos before the ceremony. If time is an issue, having both of us is a good way to make things move faster. At your initial consultation, we'll discuss the options and see what your needs and wants are.

I'm having a Courthouse ceremony, will you still do that?

Yes! Just because you aren't inviting half the town doesn't mean you don't need wedding pictures. If your wedding is courthouse only (no reception, no attendants, etc.), then please see my Event Photo FAQ and pricing.

Ok, so how do I book you?

First, check with me to ensure that your date is available. (Since I now have a baby, I generally limit to booking about 1 wedding and 1 engagement session per month.) Next, we’ll set up a meeting and I will answer any questions at all that you may have. I will provide you with a contract for you to read over at your convenience, as well as a questionnaire. The questionnaire is very simple and just helps me to get some details about your day, as well as get a feel for the style of photos you like and want. When you’re ready to lock in the date, send me your signed contract and a $200 deposit.  The remainder is not due until one week before your wedding day.